Outdoor Competition Venue

DRON ARENA Aeródromo Valle de La Laguna

www.dron-arena.com Address: Carretera M-316 (Valdelaguna-Chinchón) Km 3.2, Valdelaguna

Buses are provided from/to Main Venue during the test days and competition day by a 45 minutes driving trip. Buses leave Main Venue at 8:00 View in Google Maps

Outdoor competition


Main mission

  • Build a map of the area
  • Locate mannequin in the area
  • Provide distance between mannequin and the house
  • Release first-aid kit to the mannequin
  • Land in the designated location

Extra points:

  • Go inside the house through door / window
  • Find dangerous package inside the house
  • Pick the dangerous package & take it out of the house

Secondary (presision agriculture) mission

  • Release seeds trying to keep constant distance
  • Count (simulated) plants on the ground
  • Count (simulated) fruits on one or more tres
  • Identify the weed from a group of vegetation and spray it

Contact for outdoor competition

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