Main Venue: Conferences, Fair & Ceremonies

School of Industrial Engineering – UPM

Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales Address: Calle de José Gutiérrez Abascal 2, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Buses: 7, 12, 14, 27, 40, 45, 147, 150, 250 y Circular. Metro Stations: Nuevos Ministerios, Gregorio Marañon & República Argentina

A historical building in a centric location. View in Google Maps

Exhibition hall: Registration, Exhibition, Coffee breaks, welcome cocktails & conferences day lunch cocktail

Auditorium: Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony & Keynotes

Aula C & D: Technical Conferences, Industrial Challenges Conference & Competition Award Ceremonies

Indoor Competition Pavilion

Cafeteria: There is a reserved room for IMAV attendees’ lunch until 13:00 during the indoor competition (October 2) and test days (September 29 and 30). It is located in the first floor of Cafeteria

Main Entrance: buses to outdoor arena and to the visit of Thursday afternoon will departure from here
First Aid: Situated in the 1st floor. It is daily open [9:00 – 12:00] and the competition day October 2 [9:00 -18:00]

Note: Every team has assigned a volunteer assistant for helping to solve every day local problems, who will contact you during the test days