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Thursday, October 3 2019

Thu1a. Aula C [10:00 – 11:20]
System Modelling and Identification
Chair: José Martínez Carranza
10:00-10:20 “Forward flight tests of a quadcopter UAV with various spherical body diameters”
10:20-10:40 “Optimal Flight Altitude for the Small Solar-Powered Airplane”
10:40-11:00 “Actuator Modeling for Attitude Control Using Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion”
11:00-11:20 “Experimental versus computational determination of the dynamical model of a glider”

Thu1b. Aula D. [10:00 – 11:20]
Autonomy of UAVs
Chair: Jean-Marc Moschetta
10:00-10:20, “Control and Guidance of an Autonomous Quadrotor Landing Phase on a Moving Platform”
10:20-10:40, Design and Testing of a Vertical take-off and Landing UAV optimized for carrying a Hydrogen Fuel-cell with Pressure Tank.
10:40-11:00, Trajectory Following with a MAV Under Rotor Fault Conditions
11:00-11:20, A Tailless Flapping Wing MAV Performing Monocular Visual Servoing Tasks

————————————–Coffee Break———————————————–

Thu2a. Aula C [12:00 – 13:20]
Industrial Challenges
Chair: Sergio Domínguez
12:00-12:40, MBZIRC Challenges
12:40-13:00, Bitcraze presentation

Thu2b. Aula D [12:00 – 13:20]
Intelligent Navigation I
Chair: Adrián Carrio
12:00-12:20, “Using Prior Information to Improve Crop/Weed Classification by MAV Swarms”
12:20-12:40, “Towards drone racing with a pixel processor array”
12:40-13:00, “Visual-Inertial Sensor Fusion with a Bio-Inspired Polarization Compass for Navigation of MAVs”
13:00-13:20, “A CNN-based Drone Localisation Approach for Autonomous Drone Racing”

Friday, October 4 2019

Fri1a. Aula C. [10:00 – 11:20]
Design of UAVs
Chair: Cristina Cuerno
10:00-10:20, Slipstream Deformation of a Propeller-Wing Combination Applied for Convertible UAVs in Hover Condition
10:20-10:40, Design of a high performance MAV for atmospheric research
10:40-11:00, Effects of asymmetrical inflow in forward flight on the deformation of interacting flapping-wings
11:00-11:20, A Long Range Fuel Cell/Soaring UAV System for Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

Fri1b. Aula D. [10:00 – 11:20]
Perception for UAVs
Chair: Paloma de la Puente
10:00-10:20, Autonomous navigation in Dynamic Environments using Monocular Vision
10:20-10:40, Detection of nearby UAVs using CNN and Spectrograms
10:40-11:00, Hear and avoid for UAVs using convolutional neural networks
11:00-11:20, Multi-UAV Specification and Control with a Single Pilot-in-the-Loop

————————————–Coffee Break———————————————–

Fri2a. Aula C [12:00 – 13:20]
Flight Control
Chair: Carlos Santos
12:00-12:20, Model Reference Adaptive and Gain Scheduling Control for Variable Payload UAV Quadcopters
12:20-12:40, Stability and Altitude Control of a Quadrotor Using Fuzzy Logic
12:40-13:00, UAV control costs mirror bird behavior when soaring close to buildings
13:00-13:20, Aerial Interaction Control Using Gain-Scheduling and PID for a Drone with a 2-DOF Arm

Fri2b. Aula D [12:00 – 13:20]
Intelligent Navigation II
Chair: Sergey V. Serokhvostov
12:00-12:20, Flight Coordination of Drones in GPS-denied Environments using a Metric Visual SLAM
12:20-12:40, ARCC
12:40-13:00, Warehouse Management Using Real-Time QR-Code and Text Detection 13:00-13:20, Heterogeneous Multiple Vehicles Cooperation Approach for Smart Roads